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Should You Cloister Your Valuable Ideas From Your Competitors…

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This week I’m writing about a subject on which I have mixed feelings.    I am a huge fan creating cultures  built around sharing.   For example,  I love the idea of a communal garden-tiller or log-splitter.   What is the point of me owning something I use  once or twice a year, unless I can share the cost of […]

How You Could Kill Your Business Before Even Starting It

Chris’ Weekly Word  What’s your Babysitter up to on her own time…and does it matter? I’m not going to lie to ya.   This is not been the easiest week of all time for me and my family. We learned that our nanny was engaged in a side business that is mutually inconsistent with our concepts of being a caregiver […]

Healthcare.Gov Is Not Ready for Small Business

Government Announces One-Year Delay in Small Business Sign-Up Using On Nov. 27, the federal government announced a one-year delay for small businesses to sign up for insurance plans using  The enrollment deadline is now November 2014 for coverage that will take effect in January 2015. The government said the delay was necessary to allow individuals impacted by the […]

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