I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page. I’ll add to it as I learn more. I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

Online Storage

  • Dropbox: Free for 2gb of online storage. Works like a charm and they have iPhone, iPad, Android apps, etc.
  • Evernote:  Free way to keep track of notes and other information you need to keep available and orderly: I keep receipts here.


  • ScreenSteps Desktop: Amazing software for documenting your office systems and creating a handbook.
  • Print Postage on your computer. No trips to the post office, better than a postage meter.
  • Freshbooks: Great hosted time and billing system.
  • VistaPrint: Shockingly well priced printing with very good – not great – quality. We’re using them for business cards, letterhead and postcards.
  • This company will buy your used gadgets.
  • Another buyer of used gadgets.

Websites, Blogging and Hosting

  • Weebly: My favorite DIY website builder. Try it for free. No credit card required and two weeks free.
  • your domain name.
  • WordPress: The #1 Blog Publishing Platform. Free and easily customizable with wonderful support.
  • WordPress Plugins: Download any plugins, widgets, or customizable elements for your WordPress blog.
  • Bluehost: I used Bluehost for years until our traffic outgrew them. Fantastic service and a great product. Easy to use and 1-click automatic WordPress installation.

Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Research

  • Scribe SEO: Amazing tool for creating pages and blog posts that are perfect for climbing to the top of the search engines.
  • WordTracker Free Keywords Tool: Spits out a number for the popularity of a keyword of your choice. Search volume numbers can be compared to find the perfect niche, or to choose keywords for your blog posts.
  • Google Adwords Tool: A tool to help you decide what keywords to use for your Adwords campaigns. You can also check to see the popularity of certain keywords and the competition for ads for those keywords as well.
  • Seo Book Keyword Suggestion Tool: Another fantastic keyword research tool, with even more information and numbers to compare and select the perfect keywords.

Advertising Stuff

  • Google Adwords: If you want to begin advertising on Google, you can select keywords and locations and you pay each time someone clicks on your advertisement.

Email Subscriptions & Marketing

  • Aweber: The most powerful email opt-in service and email marketing/broadcasting tool.


  • Google Analytics: Google’s free website tracking and analytical tool. A must have for anyone with any type of website.
  • Clicktale: You can use clicktale to watch actual recordings of how people use your website. It is actually like watching their own computer screen, so you can then optimize your website if you don’t like what you see. You can view a small sample of website viewers for free. It will cost more for a larger sample.
  • Google Optimizer: This is another free tool from google where you can test different webpages of the same content, only changing one or two things, so you can see which one works/converts best. It’s basically a website optimizer testing tool.

Outsourcing Work

  • Elance: Hired service for just about anything you can think of.
  • 99 Designs: This is a unique website that you can use if you need a logo design. It’s in a contest format. You submit the description of what you want, and designers will compete against each other to win money.
  • LegalTypist: Transcription of dictation and lots of other services for solos and small firms.