Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Death is inevitable, and loss affects everyone deeply; an Estate Plan is the most responsible way to protect your loved ones. Help ensure that assets retain their value, that your children remain with trusted guardians, and that your end-of-life preferences govern. Craig Associates offers expert guidance, individualized planning, and long-term service to keep your plans relevant; all in flat-rate fee packages tailored to your needs.

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Adoption Law


If you’re considering adoption, your heart is in the right place. The best kind of adoption is a story without worry, one about a child who will be raised by devoted, loving parents. An adoption is a special kind of legal matter; delicacy is imperative to the process. We insist on giving diplomatic, relationship-focused attention to your adoption, bringing organization, efficiency, education…and finality.

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Small Business Guidance

Achieving your business goals requires risk. But smart entrepreneurs calculate risk carefully, ensuring that liability is limited…and that legal, financial, tax, and insurance systems are in place for your protection. Craig Associates supports Asheville’s entrepreneurs by providing outsourced, in-house counsel to ensure your business has its bases covered. We want you to succeed and to achieve the dreams that are the foundation of your company.

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