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The 4 Legal Agreements Every Business Owner Needs

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The 4 Legal Agreements Every Business Owner Needs One of the most common questions business owners want to know is what kind of legal agreements they need.  And while the answer to this question depends a lot on what kind of business you operate, there are four key legal agreements that virtually every business owner will need to protect and […]

Will You Receive an Inheritance One Day? Here’s What to Do Now

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Baby boomers are set to inherit up to $8.4 trillion over the next 15 years, according to The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.  A recent New York Times article explored the complicated issues that these inheritances can bring, including transferring the emotional attachment you had to your parents to what they have left you. The Times article found […]

Grandfather Places Handwritten Notes on Everything…And Garners Undying Love from His Heirs Forevermore!!!

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Give While You Live to Avoid a Family Feud A recent article in the New York Post about brothers battling over a painting from their uncle’s estate serves as a reminder of the importance of designating a destination for your personal property, either through a will or by gifting while you are still alive. The brotherly brouhaha came about after […]

If Godzilla Gets You! Don’t Let Your Kids End up in Foster Care. Read How to Easily Name Guardians to Protect Your Kids.

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The Perfect Solution for Choosing Your Child’s Guardian If you have minor children and have not yet selected a guardian, you are not unlike many parents who put off this critically important task while waiting for the perfect solution to present itself. Or perhaps you and your spouse/partner cannot agree on who would be the ideal guardian for your kids. […]

Another Actor’s Estate Plan Screwed up by His Lawyer

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Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman’s will has been filed for probate and provides a cautionary tale when it comes to estate planning mistakes. Here are four things he could have done to correct them: Create a Revocable Living Trust.  Hoffman was a public figure who valued his privacy.  Yet by creating a will instead of a revocable living trust, he […]

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