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Amazing Secrets Spur Initiative in Your Kids, Even after You Die!

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Unconditional Love Doesn’t Have to Mean Unconditional Inheritance Most parents love their children unconditionally and want to do whatever they can to smooth life’s rough road for them.  But that unconditional love doesn’t necessarily mean that unconditional trust exists when it comes to leaving children with a hefty inheritance. A recent Forbes article looked at some INCREDIBLY SMART ways that […]

Will Your Bank Account Remain in Limbo 10 Years after You Die???

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Law and Disorder: The Jerry Orbach Estate Battle Jerry Orbach, who starred as Detective Lennie Briscoe in the popular “Law and Order” television series, died a decade ago, but a battle is brewing over his Chase bank account, according to a recent story in the New York Post. The Chase bank account in dispute belongs to Orbach’s Mingoya Productions company, […]

7 Steps to Creating an Estate Plan That Keeps Your Family out of Court

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Many people fail to create an estate plan because they don’t truly understand what is involved and therefore believe it is too complicated. In truth, creating an estate plan before your death is far less complicated than the entangled mess you’ll leave your family if you fail to plan.  Here are some general strategies and tools that most people should […]

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