Did you know that one in three Americans consider adopting a child? Surprisingly, only 2% actually successfully move through the entire adoption process, according to a recent essay about adoption qualifications in the Avery Journal.

Writer Suzanne Davis from Boone, N.C. passionately describes her decision to adopt a child through the foster care system in her essay, “Adoption: You’re more qualified than you think”—and she raises an important question in her essay: who is qualified to adopt a child?


You may think that only married couples or those who have raised children before are eligible to adopt a child. Or perhaps you’ve heard that only people who own their home and have a substantial savings account can be considered for adoptive parenthood. If so, you’re not alone—these misconceptions run rampant and sadly prevent many from moving forward with adoption.

What you may not realize is that some of the most important qualifications for adoption include providing a loving environment, a safe and secure home, and a dedication to compassion, support, and patience. Simply providing a stable home (whether you own a mansion or rent a modest single family dwelling) can significantly improve a child’s long-term success, especially for a child who has faced trauma early in life.

These and many other factors are compelling reasons for potential parents to consider adopting a child. Read the full article here to learn more about the author’s personal experience and the advice she gives to those who think they just aren’t qualified to adopt a child.


If you’re considering adoption or simply want to learn more, a good first step is to meet with a qualified adoption attorney. A skilled attorney can explain the adoption process fully and help you better understand the foster care and adoption system.

Here at Craig Associates, PC, our Asheville adoption attorneys have extensive backgrounds in family law and experience representing both adoptive and birth parents. And as an adoptive child himself, Chris Craig has a nuanced understanding of the emotional factors that influence the adoption process. Finding the right attorney to guide you through adoption process can help you achieve your parenting goals.

As Susan Davis writes, “If you have ever considered adoption or foster care, or even simply providing occasional respite to those families, there could not be a better time to learn more.” Contact us today to get started.