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How to Prepare for Your Own Funeral

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Human beings have the gift of thinking critically and expansively, yet most of us become flummoxed when it comes to our own mortality. Knowing death is inevitable may feel depressing, but as estate planning lawyers, we prefer to look at it differently. We believe taking the time to consider what will happen after you pass away allows you to better […]

The 10 Best Places to Get Fresh Produce in Asheville

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The flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and the weather is heating up here in Asheville. That also means fresh, local produce is becoming more widely available, thanks to our abundant mountain farms. Any of you who’ve purchased locally produced groceries know just how vibrant and flavorful they are—and how that farmer’s market head of lettuce will stay fresh far […]

Is Your Business Protected Against These 3 Risks?

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As an attorney, I speak to business owners every day about risk. Not about avoiding risk, but rather the importance of entering an unpredictable marketplace prepared for its inherent perils. In my typical conversation about how to start a business intelligently, I speak about three sources of risk: the IRS, the rapacious judgment creditor, and your business partners. Risk #1: […]

Taking Care of an Elderly Parent? This Financial Checklist Will Help You Keep Things Straight

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When your parents reach an age where they need your assistance with their finances and care, taking on the responsibility of a lifetime of money, investments, and legal documents can be overwhelming. Having helped many people sort out parental finances, I understand just how challenging it can be. The first step is creating a solid plan so you can avoid […]

What’s Going On with Power of Attorney Laws in NC?

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Did you know that there’s a new power of attorney law in NC? Unless you’re already involved in the legal landscape in some way, probably not—at least until now. Nonetheless, the North Carolina Uniform Power of Attorney Act went into effect on January 1, 2018, and while the new law includes several changes, it all boils down to one important […]

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