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6 Questions You Have About Transgender Rights in North Carolina

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Over the last year, conversations around transgender rights in North Carolina have been occurring more frequently and amongst a greater audience. Attention has been largely focused on the controversial “Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act,” commonly known as HB2 or the bathroom bill—and it has opened the door for confusion and fear around the legal rights of transgender individuals in […]

Why You Should Care About NC Judicial Elections

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If you voted in North Carolina last November, there were six state judicial seats on the ballot. Depending on where you live, you likely had district court and local judges up for election, too. How many of you either A.) skipped over this section or B.) randomly picked names because you hadn’t heard of any of these people? Join the […]

Charlotte’s Got Your Back with these Resources for Small Businesses

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Starting a business is like having a newborn baby: you love it, nurture it, and hope that all of your hard work will make it grow into a productive member of society—but in the beginning, it can be terrifying. It’s totally normal to feel like you don’t quite know what you’re doing or where to start, which is why the […]

Who Pays Child Support When Gay Parents Split Up?

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A long and arduous court case over the parental rights of a gay couple and their sperm donor in Topeka, Kansas recently came to an end. The problems started after the two women separated, and the biological mother filed for Medicaid assistance for their child. Despite the fact that both the couple and the man only ever intended him to be […]

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