Asheville Adoption Law

At Craig Associates, PC, we work to empower our clients to fully understand their rights and make informed decisions that will best serve their long-term goals. We will work closely with you to design and implement successful solutions by way of comprehensive and creative planning.

The adoption services we offer include:

Expert Representation, Steadfast Support

The adoption process takes persistence, patience, and time. It is important for adopting parents to be aware of potential challenges and approach the process with realistic expectations and an understanding of the risks. Craig Associates, PC will be there every step of the way to ensure you are prepared to face any difficulties that may arise.

Chris handled our open adoption with such kindness, skill, grace (not only toward us, but toward our son’s birth family). I could write so much about how incredibly magical this entire experience was, but I believe that our son’s privacy is paramount. However, I’ll simply say this: If you are seeking an honest, sincere, authentic, kind, generous, skilled, wise, and supportive lawyer with integrity flowing through his veins, Chris is your attorney. We left our legal engagement with him not only as new parents madly in love with our son but with a new friend, too. He’s exceptional and I thank every goddess that put him in our family’s path. Thank you, Chris.Missy G.

Adoption attorney Chris Craig has a comprehensive background in family law, both as an attorney and certified mediator of complex situations. He has regularly represented both birth parents and adoptive parents throughout the adoption process, which has provided him with an understanding of the emotional stake of all parties involved.

Chris also brings to the table the unique perspective of an adoptee. Drawing from his own experience as an adopted child, he is sensitive and empathetic to the complex issues around giving up or acquiring parental responsibility. He is knowledgeable of the legal, emotional, and financial balancing act that occurs during the adoption process, enabling him to provide informed support and guidance.

Knowing the Challenges

Adoption can be a lengthy and expensive undertaking. Many parents seeking adoption feel discouraged by the process, but with the guidance of an experienced attorney, you can minimize potential risk, ensure you are following proper procedures, and reduce cost.

Even with the support of a knowledgeable adoption attorney, there is still the potential for challenges. Adoption is not only legally complex, it is emotionally charged. Preparing for multiple outcomes before you begin can help you face challenges as they arise.

When it comes to adoption, mistakes may mean losing the child you were hoping to welcome to your family. Timing is an essential aspect of the adoption process. Insurance, tax, and even immigration may play key roles. It is imperative that deadlines are met to avoid risking mistakes over a technicality.

In private placement adoptions, the risk may be higher. Are the parents going to develop a relationship, contribute to the mother’s expenses, and then be disappointed by her last minute decision to keep the child? This is where our knowledge and expertise work to protect you.

Because adoption is a very special kind of legal matter, delicacy is imperative to the process.

When it comes to negotiation, overly-aggressive or ham-fisted tactics unnecessarily polarize the parties involved and inevitably end up unsuccessful. We understand the stakes and how traumatic it is when a placement fails. Every communication is essential, and organization and efficiency are critical to the process. We have found that our Asheville adoption clients benefit most from diplomatic, relationship-focused attention.