Private Adoptions NC

Craig Associates helps pregnant mothers and adoptive parents with non-agency adoptions, also known as private adoptions.

North Carolina allows birth parents to choose a relative or an unrelated person to take care of the baby and become parents through the independent adoption process. Many adoptions are done privately, without an adoption agency.

We have served many times as attorneys for birth mothers, and as attorneys for adoptive parents. But we have never served as attorney for both a birth parent and adoptive parents. But from time to time, birth parents ask us to introduce them to potential adoptive parents.  In such situations, we make sure everyone is clear that we are only introducing people, not placing babies for adoption. In any case, our communication with all parties is always straightforward and clear regarding whether we represent the birth parent, the adoptive parents, or neither.

We are experienced in helping with private adoptions that are in-state or interstate.  In-state adoptions involve a baby born in North Carolina, where the adoptive parents also live in the State of North Carolina. Interstate adoptions are where the baby is born  (or a party lives) outside of the borders of North Carolina. We are well-versed in the laws that govern North Carolina in-state and interstate adoptions. In every adoption case we handle, we assess and offer guidance about which type of case it is.

Birth parents, pregnant mothers, and potential adoptive parents often seek us out for information and resources. For example, many folks seek referrals for homestudy providers, therapists (many who counsel birth mothers for free or sliding-scale fees), and other expert adoption specialists. A key part of our role with clients is to help them find excellent help for each part of the adoption. Naturally, our main job as an adoption attorney is to prepare the appropriate adoption documents, to ensure that our client understands the documents and the overall process, and to see that the adoption proceeds with professional precision. We also know that our role is to be our clients’ trusted advisor and counselor, adeptly assisting them with empathy and honor.

If you have any questions at all about adoption, please feel free to contact us confidentially through the following link and tell us you want to know more about our adoption practice. Your inquiry will go straight to us, and we will get back in touch with you.