Asheville Same Sex Adoption

As of October 10, 2014, Gay Marriage is legal in North Carolina. Congratulations to our LGBTQIA community in NC! This means that you are now a stepparent to your spouse’s children. And you could become a legal parent…as long as you take the required legal steps to adopt your child.

Here’s the problem: You have already been serving as a parent, present at conception and birth…or sharing essential parenting duties since the adoption, but only your spouse was allowed legal recognition on your child’s birth certificate. Only your spouse is a “legal” parent. Only your spouse has parental rights…of inheritance, access, etc.

Chris handled our second-parent (aka step-parent adoption) with such ease – it took less than two weeks from when we submitted the paperwork for the adoption to be finalized. He is truly a straight ally and advocate for the LGBT community.Kelly T.

If you’re in a lesbian marriage…and one partner gave birth to a child through artificial insemination, the non-biological parent may not share the full rights of a parent.

If you are a gay man raising children with your husband, and one of you was required to adopt your children (because it was not legal for both of you to do so), you can now take action to both be joint legal parents together.

In my practice as a lawyer, I have committed to be the go-to Asheville gay adoption attorney focused on overcoming the long-unjust prejudices endured by same sex parents.  I want you to enjoy the natural rights of a parent, the rights you have earned by being there for your kids, that you deserve because you’ve been raising them.

Stepparent and same sex adoptions demand an avid readiness of action.  And time is of the essence.  You want your adoption done as quickly, as carefully, and as competently as possible.

Let us guide you through potentially thorny issues of:

  • Whether you need to wait 6 months or two years after your marriage (probably not!).
  • The durability of consent of a sperm donor.
  • The perceived sustainability of a gay adoption.
  • Whose name can be on a child’s birth certificate…and when….
  • Getting this done yesterday.

We treat your case as our priority! Contact us to discuss making these problems go away.