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The 10 Best Places to Get Fresh Produce in Asheville

The flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and the weather is heating up here in Asheville. That also means fresh, local produce is becoming more widely available, thanks to our abundant mountain farms.

Any of you who’ve purchased locally produced groceries know just how vibrant and flavorful they are—and how that farmer’s market head of lettuce will stay fresh far longer than the one trucked in from another state or country. Not only that, tasty local produce is more likely to inspire you to eat bunches of nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables, which is bound to benefit your health while pleasing your palate.

Looking for the best places to stock up on vegetables, fruits, meats and other products? As an Asheville entrepreneur, I love supporting our local business community—and picking up fresh ingredients for your next meal at one of these awesome local spots is a great way to do it.

Head to a Farmer’s Market

Once a week, hundreds of people gather in one spot in the name of fresh, local products. Farmer’s markets are a wonderful way to accomplish your weekly shopping, pick out delicious ingredients, and support the local community—a trifecta you can feel great about.

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Here are a handful of our favorites:

1. Asheville City Market

In the heart of downtown you’ll find Asheville City Market. This market is officially sponsored by the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project, which helps promote the benefits of local food within our community. April through December, this tailgate gathers every Saturday from 8:00AM – 12:00PM off of North Market Street in downtown Asheville.

One major perk is that this market moves indoors in the winter, ensuring you have access to fresh, local goods for a majority of the year.

2. North Asheville Tailgate Market

Strolling through the tree-shaded North Asheville Tailgate Market is always a pleasure and the rewards are many—grab a coffee to sip, a Farm & Sparrow croissant to nibble, and enjoy live bluegrass music while peeking in various farmers’ and artists’ stands. You’ll find numerous staples, from fresh produce and local honey to delicious baked goods and locally grown plants. There’s even a range of meats as well as treats for Fido. This popular market runs every Saturday in April through November from 8:00AM – 12:00PM. It also offers and indoor version in the colder months; check their website for details.

3. River Arts District Tailgate Market

If weekend mornings are reserved for sleeping in—or simply a little too hectic—consider taking a trip to the RAD Market throughout the summer and early fall. This weekday market is located off of Haywood Road by All Souls Pizza. It runs from May until November from 3:00PM – 6:00PM every Wednesday, so you can stop by to grab ingredients for dinner on the way home from work.

4. West Asheville Tailgate Market

The West Asheville Tailgate Market is a local favorite. Situated in popular West Asheville, this market offers so much more than fresh foods. We love taking visiting friends and family to check out the treats, handmade crafts, and body care products. The West Asheville Tailgate Market meets every Tuesday from 2:00PM – 6:00PM May through October.

Note: this is just a small list—there are at least 10 additional tailgate markets we could mention in and around Asheville. Check out this helpful guide to find a farmer’s market near you.

Stop by a Farm Stand

While farmer’s markets tend to get a lot of attention, sometimes your schedule just doesn’t have room for hours of perusing. You can still support our local farmers and provide your family with fresh goods by stopping one of these popular stands.

5. Flying Cloud Farm Stand

One of the most popular farms in Western North Carolina is Flying Cloud Farm, located right around the corner from Asheville in Fairview, NC. If you can’t make it to a market that they attend, you can find their offerings at their farmer’s stand right off the side of the road. Enjoy a multitude of seasonal produce from April until December and pay based on the honor system.

6. Gladheart Farm Stand

Gladheart Farms has been a staple of Asheville tailgate markets for many years, but they recently began offering their locally grown vegetables at their farm stand off of Fairview Road in the Oakley neighborhood. Here you can access farm-fresh goods every day of the week (aside from Saturday) from 12:00PM – 7:00PM.

Support Your Local Grocer

For the conventional type who prefers the convenience of stopping by a grocery store at odd hours but would love fresh produce, you still have options—the Asheville grocery community also likes to support our local food artisans.

7. Fresh Quarter Produce

Head downtown to the Grove Arcade to find Fresh Quarter Produce. This small produce stand features a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables at an affordable price. It’s become a favorite among those who work downtown for the convenience of stopping by on the way home.

8. French Broad Food Co-Op

A veteran establishment that has won the hearts of many locals over the years is French Broad Food Co-Op. It’s owned by locals (you can become an owner too) and is stocked with lots of locally made goods, including bread, produce, coffee, dairy products, and more.

9. West Village Market

Any Ashevillian knows that when it comes to food, West Asheville is one of the top places to visit—and West Village Market delivers. Here you can find a wide range fresh, local, and organic foods.

10. Greenlife Grocery

Greenlife Grocery is one of the most well known local stores in Asheville. Now owned by Whole Foods Market, Greenlife offers the modern conveniences of a superstore while sticking to their roots by featuring select goods from local farms.

What are your favorite spots to purchase fresh produce in Asheville this time of year? Let us know in the comment section.

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