6 Questions You Have About Transgender Rights in North Carolina (Updated 2021)

Over the last few years, conversations around transgender rights in North Carolina have been occurring more frequently and amongst a greater audience. Attention has been largely focused on the controversial “Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act,” commonly known as HB2 or “the bathroom bill”, and it has opened the door for confusion and fear around the legal rights of transgender […]

Do Gay Dads Who Adopt Get Paternity Leave?

Bringing a new child into your life is a huge transition whether you are a biological or adoptive parent—and time becomes the most precious commodity. From late night feedings and frequent diaper changes to playtime and snuggling, new parents have a tremendous amount of responsibility as they adjust to the wonderful (yet slightly overwhelming) world of being a mom or […]

We’ve Made Progress, but LGBTQ Parents Still Face Legal Hurdles

LGBTQ rights have come a long way in the past decade, but while marriage is a federal right of same-sex couples, there are still many legal challenges to overcome—particularly when it comes to familial rights. The New York Times recently highlighted the difficult experiences of many gay families in the United States and the additional steps they may need to […]