Estate Planning and Guardianship of Children

What’s Going On with Power of Attorney Laws in NC?

Did you know that there’s a new power of attorney law in NC? Unless you’re already involved in the legal landscape in some way, probably not—at least until now. Nonetheless, the North Carolina Uniform Power of Attorney Act went into effect on January 1, 2018, and while the new law includes several changes, it all boils down to one important […]

When Should You Create Your Will? Even if You Have “Nothing,” Starting Your Estate Plan Young is Important

As the tired old saying goes, nothing’s a guarantee in life except for death and taxes. I’d add one more item to the list: things in your life will change, and often in unexpected ways. That’s the point driven home by an article recently published in Investment News, which  highlights the accidental death of 27-year old Star Trek actor Anton […]

2016 is Here! Make Sure Your Estate Plan is Ready for It

So much can happen in a year! Which is why it’s wise to look back at the previous year’s events to see how they may have impacted your estate plan. Remember that you’ll not only need to consider yourself—be sure to think about all the people currently named in your existing estate plans. (Don’t have any estate plans yet? Now’s […]

Should You Be Planning for Your Digital Assets?

It’s a fact of life: we all have an expiration date. Death is a topic that many people would rather avoid thinking about, but it’s crucial to start preparing for the legacy that you will leave behind. When considering estate planning, we often think of our homes, savings, retirement funds, and life insurance policies. But have you considered what happens […]

What Is an Estate Attorney & Why Do I Need One?

As an estate planning lawyer, I often find myself explaining exactly what it is I do—and why it’s important. With DIY wills and legal documents available with a click of a button online, many fall into the trap of thinking they can create a satisfactory estate plan without ever speaking to a knowledgeable attorney. The truth is that working alone […]