Estate Planning and Guardianship of Children

Estate Planning for LGBTQ Couples Isn’t Always Cut & Dried. Here Are 5 Things You Should Know

Same-sex marriage may now be legally accepted, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hurdles—particularly when it comes to legally protecting your family and future generations. Many believe all the issues have been resolved thanks to the 2015 ruling that legalized same-sex marriage, but this is not the case for everyone. If you are growing your family and wondering what is […]

Top 7 Estate Planning Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Estate planning is one of those things that most of us don’t really think about until something big happens in our lives. If you’re reading this now, I’d bet there’s a pretty good chance you’re in this boat. The truth is it’s never too soon to get started on estate planning. Yet, because we don’t talk about the subject openly […]

What You Need to Know About the New VA Rules for Pension Planning

Are you or a family member planning to apply for a Veterans Administration (VA) pension in the future? If so, you should know that the rules just changed that may make it more difficult for some veterans and their spouses or dependents to qualify for VA pension benefits. These new rules, which went into effect October 18, 2018, are outlined […]

How to Prepare for Your Own Funeral

Human beings have the gift of thinking critically and expansively, yet most of us become flummoxed when it comes to our own mortality. Knowing death is inevitable may feel depressing, but as estate planning lawyers, we prefer to look at it differently. We believe taking the time to consider what will happen after you pass away allows you to better […]