Entrepreneurship and Business Law

Is Your Business Protected Against These 3 Risks?

As an attorney, I speak to business owners every day about risk. Not about avoiding risk, but rather the importance of entering an unpredictable marketplace prepared for its inherent perils. In my typical conversation about how to start a business intelligently, I speak about three sources of risk: the IRS, the rapacious judgment creditor, and your business partners. Risk #1: […]

Making Sense of the Trump Tax Reform Law as a Small Business

Well, Congress has made it official. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act narrowly passed the Senate on December 20th, and now it’s on us to deal with some pretty dramatic changes. Despite cries to simplify the tax code—and claims that this tax overhaul would do so—it probably comes as no surprise that the newly amended tax code is about as […]

Why Giving Two Weeks Notice is Simply Not Enough

Change is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to deal with, particularly when it comes to our careers. That said, there are ways to make the process of switching to a new job better for everyone involved. Show off your professionalism throughout the process, and you’ll avoid burning bridges and make the process a lot less painful. According to […]

Why your LLC operating agreement needs a “pre-nup”

No one likes to plan for the potential demise of a relationship when things are going great. This is equally true when the relationship in question is the foundation of your business, as is often the case in a Limited Liability Company, or LLC. Perhaps we fear a self-fulfilling prophecy—by acknowledging that there could be a situation in which a […]