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Attention Adoptive Parents! Trying to File Your Taxes with an ATIN? Here’s What You Need to Know About Claiming the Child Tax Credit for 2018

Tax season is officially upon us—and whether you diligently file as soon as your W2s roll in or find yourself up late trying to knock them out on April 14th, there’s no escaping this yearly chore. Filing taxes can be overwhelming and confusing at the best of times, but the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” has made it even more […]

New Jersey Has Legalized Surrogacy Nearly 30 Years After Baby M

For parents who desperately want children but are unable to have their own, the existence of alternatives like in vitro fertilization, adoption, and surrogacy can be a life-changing gift. But while these parents-to-be are celebrating their options, our legal system is still trying to figure out how to handle the complicated issue of parental rights when it comes to non-biological […]

We’ve Made Progress, but LGBTQ Parents Still Face Legal Hurdles

LGBTQ rights have come a long way in the past decade, but while marriage is a federal right of same-sex couples, there are still many legal challenges to overcome—particularly when it comes to familial rights. The New York Times recently highlighted the difficult experiences of many gay families in the United States and the additional steps they may need to […]

Who Pays Child Support When Gay Parents Split Up?

A long and arduous court case over the parental rights of a gay couple and their sperm donor in Topeka, Kansas recently came to an end. The problems started after the two women separated, and the biological mother filed for Medicaid assistance for their child. Despite the fact that both the couple and the man only ever intended him to be […]

Heroes of Adoption: Man Helps Families Afford Adoptions

From lawyer fees and travel costs to preparing your home for your new child, adoption can be an expensive undertaking. That’s why the story of Hank Fortener, featured in People Magazine, is so inspiring: he’s a hero on a mission to make sure the right to adopt is available to all deserving families. “Every child deserves a family, and financial […]