Fellow of the AAAA

Chris Craig is a Fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys

Adoption can be an incredibly complex and emotional process—and one of the best advocates you can have is an experienced adoption attorney. Chris Craig has been providing exceptional service and support to families hoping to adopt in Asheville for many years, and he is honored to now call himself a fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys (AAAA).

Dedication, hard work, & passion: what it takes to become an AAAA attorney

To become a fellow of the AAAA, attorneys must distinguish themselves in the field of adoption law. Only approximately 340 attorneys make up this national association, and they must meet specific criteria. To become a fellow, adoption attorneys must have been licensed for at least five years, provided lead counsel in 50 or more adoption cases in the two years before an invitation to the Academy, and must maintain their adoption practice with the Academy’s high standards of ethics, professionalism, and competence.

In addition to bringing together adoption attorneys, the Academy strives to promote adoption law reform and disseminate information regarding ethical adoption practices. Because adoption laws in the United States are statutory, successful adoption requires an attorney who has the knowledge and experience to follow them to the letter—and choosing an attorney who is a fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys can help ensure your adoption experience is favorable.

Why choose Chris Craig as your Asheville adoption attorney?

Chris Craig has a comprehensive background in family law, both as an attorney and certified mediator of complex situations, and his expertise has led to many cases of successful family building. Chris has strong relationships within the local legal community and agencies and lawyers regularly refer adoption cases to him.

Currently, Chris Craig is the only American Academy of Adoption Attorneys fellow in Western North Carolina. If you would like to learn more about adoption or schedule a private consultation, we invite you to contact us today.